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We have worked with the team at Mellow Colour for over 3 years and made great technological advances with our approach to global colour quality management. Marks & Spencer continue to challenge Mellow Colour to push boundaries & ensure our global suppliers are working to increasingly higher standards.
At Marks & Spencer we feel that the Mellow Colour model gives us the best opportunity to manage our corporate image, not only locally across the UK but within our international business as well.

- Trevor Hatchett, Head of GM Packaging - Production, Quality and Sourcing, Marks & Spencer

Quality is one of our core values at Woolworths – it’s what sets us apart. That’s why we take great pride in maintaining the highest level of print quality and colour management with our suppliers.

To live up to these ideals, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey to become a top retailer in the Southern Hemisphere and to maintain the highest print precision quality across Australia and South Africa. We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Mellow Color as our preferred colour management service provider.

We look forward to the exciting journey ahead. 

- Raven Gengiah, Artwork Production Manager, Woolworths Marketing

The innovative colour quality systems Mellow Colour develops for Brands and Printers are second to none. Their team are passionate about consistently achieving high quality printed results, and their approach has been both encouraging and supportive in our journey to roll out the ISO 12647 standardisation program within Graphic Packaging International.

Mellow Colour's software tools, training and good guidance has dramatically improved our colour accuracy to proof and production repeatability across the Group’s presses. Their technical support and ongoing proficient printer audits have helped us to deliver first class results across multiple presses.

- Bob Seidner, Group Technical Manager, Graphic Packaging International


Mellow Colour PrintSpec has become an invaluable tool in our quest to achieve the highest print quality.  The data is presented in a clear, straightforward format that is easy to understand and helps us continually monitor the final printed result and identify any press related problems. The technical knowledge and support from the team behind Mellow Colour is superb.

- Joanne Packham, Production Manager, Condé Nast Publications Ltd.

Working within the sheetfed arena can at times prove challenging, with constant demands from clients to decrease both turn round times and cost. There are many tools and equipment that can help expedite this and tools such as Printspec can allow printers to standardize and measure their product. Many benefits can come from this; proof of consistency, ability to set targets for the desired print condition, diagnosis of press related issues, the ability to appraise new products more scientifically by comparing data, matching digital contract proofs on press to agreed house densities and of course verification of the printed sheet.
All of these can add to the bottom line profitability by helping ensure faster make-ready and monitoring of press performance to achieve optimum productivity. Having worked with the Mellow Colour team for nearly three years now I have found that Printspec is easy to use. But perhaps more importantly the experience and enthusiam of the people behind it make it an effective tool for use in the print industry.

- Martin Chapman, Group Colour Manager, Pureprint Group

Mellow Colour’s PrintSpec software suits both the novice colour quality manager and the practised expert. The summary page is simple and straightforward and contains just the right amount of data for a novice to be able to decipher the readings. 
For the expert there are further layers within the software consisting of advanced and valuable tools that enable a real in depth analysis of a piece of print. In our opinion PrintSpec is a highly valuable quality management tool that has helped us to help our customers to identify issues in the print process.

- Steve Snape, Technical Sales Manager, Stehlin Hostag Ink UK

We are very proud of our China team for reaching Mellow Colour's 100% ImpressionProof status. This important milestone is testament to the hard work and commitment that they have shown to the process from day one. Since implementing Mellow Colour globally, we have seen continuous improvement in the operating discipline across the Lithographic departments in all our sites and achieving 100% IP in China will spur on our other manufacturing plants to reach the same level.

ITL firmly believes in the Mellow Colour approach to  ISO 12647 implementation and can say with confidence that the attention to detail that this process instils in our people has cascaded positively around our entire operations and has proven that working to and maintaining of standards is a better way of doing business.

- Fred Christopher, CEO, ITL Group


The Mellow Colour implementation and audit system is well-known around the world, so we decided to introduce it to our company – we believe it is the best foundation we’ve ever had. The greatest benefit is how it enables us to inspect our printing step by step, from raw material to final product, ensuring the production is always kept at a peak performance.

In addition, we very much appreciate the support of the Mellow Colour auditors – with every inspection we are granted not only their time, but also the benefit of their suggestions and information updates. It keeps us motivated and at the top of our game.

We’ve gained greater respect from our customers through ISO 12647 colour management, and it helps us to compete and approach new customers with our high quality standards.

On top of this, the colour management by Mellow Colour allows us to identify how to develop the business and keep moving forward in a marketplace which is only going to become more competitive in the future.

- Andreas Chou, Colour Champion, Maxim Vietnam




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