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ProofSpec enables clients and printers to verify proofs against Internation Standards such as ISO 12647 and Gracol.

Printing using standards, and the appliance of science has removed a lot of the subjectivity from printing in recent years, however there is still a place for an accurately colour managed proof in many supply chains, and by measuring a colour strip ProofSpec quickly confirms if the proof is inside, or outside of the specification.

Small Pass/Fail conformance reports can be printed on a label printer, for attachement to the proof, or a more detailed report can be printed on a conventional printer or saved as a pdf.

PDF reports can be exchanged between suppliers and clients via email or the MellowCloud web service. This means that colour issues can be quickly identified  and resolved.


Ink key setting & print run verification system.


Mellow Cloud 

A secure portal for brands & suppliers to exchange print run reports for remote approval of colour critical printing.



Press side & remote print run approval system. 



ISO 12647 colour control & verification software for standardised print appearance job to job, press to press.



Special & brand colour control verification system to standardise special colour printing performance.