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Brand Print Quality Management

Our colour management services for Brands include: 

Proficient Printer Auditing

To monitor that an active print quality management system is being used by your print suppliers.

Mellow Colour offer a Standardised global colour quality management auditing service, with print run analysis and Audit scores each activity from receipt of files to finished printed item. The Mellow Colour Proficient printer audit requires that the following elements should be active:

There are a range of Printer Printer Certification levels depending on application

- see further details here.

Spot Checks

To maintain focus and assure ongoing excellence, Mellow Colour offer Brands and Print Managers a random spot check service to monitor that printers uploaded internet submissions and physical print samples match each other.

Proficient Printer Directory

Find a supplier who has received training in the practical implementation of ISO 12647 and operation of the Mellow Colour Print Quality Management System.



Mellow Colour exercises responsible environmental stewardship, continuously improving our environmental performance, and that of our clients.


Global Structure 

Find out more about the Mellow Colour global network.