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Good morning Vietnam! Mellow Colour consultant Steve Fowler wowed by SML Vietnam print team

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Steve Fowler knows a thing or two about printing.

So when a print team manages to impress him with their command of a print quality management system, you know they’ve got to be doing something right!

Steve, who works as a print colour specialist for Mellow Colour, recently took an overseas trip to Vietnam, where he visited the SML colour team in Binh Duong.

SML is a global company, supplying apparel branding and packaging to leading international fashion and retail clients.

Much of SML’s work is the critical ‘size by colour’ printing, which involves numerous special colours, requiring particularly tight control over ink formulation, printing, measurement and instrumentation.

This would be SML Vietnam’s first ImpressionProof audit, yet despite this, their results were excellent, and almost without fail met the very tight colour dE tolerances required of them.

Steve was delighted to discover a strong and active colour team, which worked professionally and effectively together to provide excellent print colour quality for their customers.

Enthusing over the visit, Steve said: “Despite having had some staff changes in recent months, SML Vietnam’s print quality management system proved impressively robust.

“This is perhaps the ultimate testament to a working print quality management system that both utilises personnel skills and knowhow, but is not dependent on any one individual’s expertise to perform.”

The trip was Steve’s fourth visit to Vietnam for Mellow Colour.

“I have to say, I was delighted with the progress of all Mellow Colour’s printers in the region,” he continued. “They all show a determined commitment to their continual improvement. Long may it endure!”

Securing a place on Mellow Colour’s ImpressionProof register is an endorsement of a printer’s proficiency in implementing the ISO 12647 system. ImpressionProof companies must have first achieved their Proficient Printer Certification, and then gone on to develop their print quality management systems to a more advanced level.

Congratulations to the SML Vietnam team, who are now firmly established on the ImpressionProof register.

Steve Fowler, second left, with the SML Vietnam colour team

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