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October Printer of the Month: Checkpoint (Dongguan)

checkpoint_dongguan_print_teamMellow Colour’s Printer of the Month for October is Checkpoint (Dongguan).

With international clients relying on their expertise in labelling and packaging, Checkpoint Apparel have high standards to uphold.

Retail clients depend on the global leader in merchandising solutions to supply packaging that shows their products off at its very best, which means rigorous print quality management must be maintained.

So, it seems a natural choice that Checkpoint would join the Mellow Colour family. Our industry-leading ISO 12647 standardised colour quality management system means printers and clients can accurately monitor their colour quality control remotely from anywhere in the world – leading to quicker turn-around, reduced costs and happier clients!

Frank Zheng is the Checkpoint South China Colour Champion. He explained the reasons why Mellow Colour is proving so invaluable to the Dongguan team.

“Since implementing the Mellow Colour quality management system in 2014, the colour team has really reaped the benefits,” said Frank. “We’ve seen a reduction in set-up time, we’ve cut scrap and we’ve seen much improved colour consistency.

“At Checkpoint South China, our colour management team has been able to blend the Mellow Colour concepts seamlessly into their routine colour quality management processes.

“Mellow Colour’s system includes technology to optimise processes such as instrument calibration, paper standardisation, press curve calibration, curve maintenance and machine maintenance, so it really is the full package for us.”

And it’s not just the technology that benefits the team. Mellow Colour’s consultant partner in China Meiling Ho has regularly been on site in Dongguan for training and auditing.

“The ongoing knowledge sharing and coaching we’ve had from Meiling has been invaluable,” explained Frank. “It’s not just a simple audit process, but is a fantastic way for the colour team to benefit from her expertise in ISO 12647 print quality management.

“We are proud to be a member of the Mellow Colour family.”

The feeling is entirely mutual, Frank! Well done to the South China team.

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