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Meet our global partners: Meiling Ho


Mellow Colour’s international network of colour management consultants maintain our standardised colour quality systems all over the globe – from Australia, to Asia, to Europe and everywhere in between.

Meiling Ho is our consultant partner in China. Here she gives us the low-down on her business and how she came to partner with Mellow Colour.

What geographical area do you cover?

I’m based in China and, along with my team, I cover China, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and elsewhere in Asia for Mellow Colour. We were pleased and honoured to become colour management consultant partners for Mellow Colour after meeting them at the Drupa trade fair in 2012. It meant we benefitted from both a technology upgrade and a good business opportunity – but more importantly we gained good friends with mutual trust.

What do you specialise in?

I come from a printing technology background, having previously worked for Heidelberg PMA in China as a printing technology trainer for 11 years. So far my team and I have had training in the fields of offset, Gravure, Flexo and digital printing, enabling us to create appropriate colour quality management systems for printers. I’m happy to say we have received very positive feedback from all our customers, including Leo Paper, Avery Dennison, Maxim, ITL, Wang Fung and many more.

What attracted you to partnering with Mellow Colour?

We had confidence in Mellow Colour on meeting them and that has proven to be well-founded. We’ve gained learning and enhanced our good reputation in the colour quality management marketplace thanks to our Mellow Colour partnering.

What features of the Mellow Colour products do you find most useful?

I was pleased to discover that Mellow Colour’s colour quality management products and systems were very user-friendly, for both experienced users and beginners. It is a simple and powerful system, which reflects real print production colour. This helps printers and brands see and manage the true colour reproduction in a transparent and efficient way.

At the same time, Mellow Colour is at the forefront of printing colour quality management and evaluation – from onsite colour control to cloud colour management, which helps both printer and brand to more easily manage colour globally, while still meeting environmental targets. Mellow Colour is a smart choice for us.

What is your best tip for printers in colour critical and print quality management?

My number one rule is: “No software without training.” I believe that 70% of good practice comes from knowledge gained in training and 30% from the software tools.

What kind of industry feedback have you had?

We’ve had excellent customer feedback, both personally and professionally, and from every level, whether it’s a company boss or front end user. There have been zero customer complaints and the feedback we’ve received indicates 80% of our clients have seen an increase in their business, requiring new machines and new factories to meet their business expansion. They grow, so we grow – which in the current market is a remarkable achievement.

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