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Printer of the Month - Avery Turkey

Completing their M&S Spot Check Audit for ImpressionProof Colour Quality Systems, Avery Turkey have recently recieved the first ever 100% spot check.

Read on to hear more about their Mellow Colour implementation, what it the colour management system has meant for their business and how it has improved their colour quality performance.

"The implementation of Mellow Colour was nice and effective. The colour management audits helped us to identify our weak areas and gave us the opportunity to strengthen our colour quality system," said Seyfi Ozyener, Automation & Design, Colour Champion, Avery Turkey.

"The biggest benefit we saw is that our internal quality failure rate has lowered significantly, which saves us time and money."

Ozyener went on to say, "The most useful and helpful thing about the Mellow Colour approach is being able to control colour quality and report printed quality. Also ImpressionProof gave us the opportunity to decrease scrap for sending submissions online."

Avery Turkey identified Mellow Colour as having excellent customer support & commented on prompt responses to any requests, "We are excited to see more updates on Mellow Colour software unveilled." 

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