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DigitalView appointed as distributor in South African market

Mellow Colour are making waves with their colour quality management systems, helping the likes of Marks & Spencer to monitor print quality against their Brand specific standards globally.

DigitalView have recently been appointed as distributor of the Mellow Colour products & services for the South African market.

“The partnership with DigitalView is an exciting opportunity for Mellow Colour to make a great impression in the South African market. We have confidence that DigitalView's experience & knowledge coupled with our expertise & innovative products will be a successful combination." Commented Alan Dresch, Director at Mellow Colour.

Solving the problems of print & packaging colour accuracy & consistency for some of the worlds biggest brands, Mellow Colour offer systems, training & consultancy services to ensure the entire print supply chain is properly managed to allow for accurate colour reproduction.

Understanding the global nature of print & packaging supply chain management, Mellow Colour make quality control of packaging cartons printed locally and around the world, a measured & scientific system. 

The unique MellowCloud system for remote print run approval, is being adopted by brands who are keen to standardise processes and reduce their impact on the environment. Notably M&S have adopted the Mellow Colour system, with over 13,000 jobs successfully being uploaded & remotely approved to date.  This remote monitoring system, delivers reliable colour consistency, and results in significant travel, waste, time & cost savings for the company.

“To match the colours on different presses, printing on different board, in different countries was a constant challenge, said Trevor Hatchett, Head of GM packaging – production, quality and sourcing at Marks & Spencer. “Rather than continue to make sure that the packaging was correct, we asked ourselves was there a more scientific way to do that work.”

“The Mellow Colour approach means printing to numbers, trusting the measurements & understanding the reports. This is a more attractive approach for both the printer & print buyer, who have a common goal & clear benchmarks, preventing problems before they become expensive.” says Alan Dresch, Director at Mellow Colour. “The software tools we have developed over the years represents only about 25% of the package, the quality management systems training, analysis of press problems and adoption of the team approach are what makes the system work.

The benefits are clear and the shift to a culture of scientific printing has taken hold, we are seeing a state of order & a dramatic improvement in the print supply chain. 

For further information please visit http://www.digitalview.co.za

Laura Minter of DigitalView, training with the Woolworths South Africa Team.

"Quality is one of our core values at Woolworths – it’s what sets us apart. That’s why we take great pride in maintaining the highest level of print quality and colour management with our suppliers.

To live up to these ideals, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey to become a top retailer in the Southern Hemisphere and to maintain the highest print precision quality across Australia and South Africa. We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Mellow Color as our preferred colour management service provider.

We look forward to the exciting journey ahead."

Raven Gengiah, Woolworths South Africa.

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