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Simplifying the ISO 12647 process with PrintSpec

If you’re looking to make the ISO 12647 printing process a little easier, PrintSpec can help. Designed by Mellow Colour, PrintSpec helps you to create the highest colour quality. Each job you run can be customised to a precise standard. Not only does it simplify the process, but it also provides numerous other benefits too.

An ideal tool for colour professionals

When you work in the printing industry, you know just how important quality results are to your clients. ISO 12647 has set a high standard in the print business. Whether you’re following in-house or international standards, it can be difficult understanding the process if you’re just starting out. That’s where Mellow Colour comes in, with personalised consultancy & guidance & industry leading products.

The key benefits associated with this software include:

  •  Reduce ready-made times
  •  Achieve consistent colour
  • Standardised print appearance
  • Understand & prevent troubleshooting
  • Access informative, comprehensive reports
  • Reduce waste
  • Save money

The comprehensive reports are particularly impressive. You get to see pass and fail reports in a colourful, easy to understand display. You can choose to look at the data more in depth if you want to. You’ll discover information on overprinted colours, CMYK inks, the grey balance and the Dot Gain. The software also comes complete with a BPIF standard percentage of ISO 12647 excellence scoring system. 

It’s worth noting that if your printer needs a straightforward ISO verification, you’ll also need to invest in a spectrophotometer. This basically measures the PrintSpec strip. You’ll find that a wide variety of spectrophotometers are supported.

How does PrintSpec work?

When production work is carried out, the spectrophotometer allows the printer to measure the colour control slip. It then produces a comprehensive report. From here you can choose to select comparable in-house targets.

There’s an ink density setting which allows you to see everything in a clear bar chart. It guides you on how to set the printer to achieve your Lab’s targets. The press calibration is extremely comprehensive and it allows you to calibrate digital presses, export curves and includes iterative adjustment.

You can save a number of PrintSpec reports into a single RetroSpec report. This allows you to look at print run statistics. You’ll be able to spot potential trends and address any problems before they affect the print job. It’s possible to analyse up to 1000 different reports.

Other products available

PrintSpec can be used alongside other ISO 12647 software. InkSpec, ImpressionProof, ISOSimple and LinkSpec are just some of the other products on offer. If you want the very best results, it’s worthwhile investing in the full product range.

Overall PrintSpec is an essential piece of software that will help to guarantee you the highest quality results. It features the latest ISO 12647 updates so you know you’ll always be using the latest software. Being able to specifically control the colours to a precise measurement enables you to create unique results. This will help to keep your customers happy and potentially boost your profits. All printing businesses will benefit significantly from ISO 12647.

Why not make your working life simpler by investing in PrintSpec too?   

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