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ISO 12647 Explained

In the world of printing, quality means everything. Unless you’re consistently turning out high quality results, you’ll struggle to gain and keep new clients. ISO 12647 standards have been created to help printer businesses stay on top of their game. Below you’ll find out everything you need to know about ISO 12647.

What is it?

ISO 12647 is a colour management standard that aims to produce consistent excellent quality results. It comes with a number of key benefits and makes it easier for you to print off previous print runs. It’s a 4-colour offset process standard that customises each print job accurately and to a specific range of standards. The options you have with each job include:

  • Coordinates for solid colour tone
  • Characteristics for aim dot gain
  • Paper type
  • Dot gain, colouration and spread tolerance

You can alter the above to match your specific printing needs.

Why it’s important

The main reason why ISO 12647 is important is because it’s becoming an expected standard within the industry. If you want to work for many large brand organisations as well as government bodies, you need to have these standards in place. Some absolutely insist on it and won’t hire you if you don’t work with ISO 12647 colour standards.

In any industry you need to strive to be the best at what you do. To keep clients coming back you need to have the latest technologies in place. Having ISO 12647 certification enables you to achieve higher profits. It also gains you an excellent business reputation. You’ll soon become known as a leading printing companies within the industry.

Another advantage that comes with this standard of printing is the fact it increases productivity and lowers waste. You will use up less ink and less paper. There will also be less chance of you needing to reprint too. Your colour prints will be much more accurate therefore reducing waste & saving valuable time & money.

ISO 12647 helps you to track your print runs too. They can be accessed remotely which is also a huge advantage. With Mellow Colour’s ‘MellowCloud’ product you can upload your printing jobs and get them approved from clients wherever they are. Often you’ll be working for organisations in all different parts of the world. Being able to access the documents from remote computers helps to cut down on paper & travelling and is therefore better for the environment.

Alongside Mellow Colour training, our main product to allow you to manage your ISO 12647 is ‘PrintSpec’. This useful tool enables you to ensure your colour print results expertly match the ISO 12647 standards- making it a much simpler process.

Overall if you want to be the best in the business you need to ensure you’re constantly delivering the highest quality results. ISO 12647 can help you to do that as well as cut down your production times.

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