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Top Tools to Enhance your ISO 12647 Printing

ISO 12647 printing standards are used by the leading printing businesses around the world. Ensuring you maintain consistent high quality results, these colour management standards have really revolutionised the printing world. If you’re looking to be the best in your field, there are a few tools available to enhance your ISO 12647 printing results. Below you’ll discover just some of the tools from Mellow Colour you may want to invest in.

PrintSpec is CMYK colour verification and control software. It basically enables you to achieve a perfect match with your ISO 12647 printing. It allows you to achieve accurate colour consistency and reduces the amount of time taken to deliver a print run.
Another advantage to this software is that you can create comprehensive pass and fail reports. Results are displayed in an easy to understand, visual manner. You also have an option to look at the results a little more in-depth if you need to. This is a fantastic ISO printing tool and you can even create customised in-house printing specifications for future print runs.

If you’re looking for a colour management system that helps you specifically measure special and spot colours, InkSpec could be just what you need. Using a number of substrates, you can match your brand colours, as well as your clients brand and special colours. You’ll also cut back on waste and decrease production times.

You select the paper type, ink set and you’ll be given a comprehensive report on how close the colour will be to your set targets. There’s an unlimited amount of colours you can use.

Want to gain your clients approval from a remote location? ImpressionProof gives you the ability to do just that. This enables you to gain quick approval and cut down production times. The MellowCloud server will need to be used to share the work.

These are just three types of software that can help with ISO 12647 printing. If you want to increase profits, reduce production times, improve quality and eliminate waste, the Mellow Colour software above can help.

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