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10 Reasons to Print to ISO 12647

When choosing a printer for your business, one of the main things to look out for is quality. If you’re looking for high quality colour, ISO 12647 standards are definitely worth considering. Below you’ll find the top 10 reasons to switch to this top printing solution.

1. Accurate colours
One of the most important things for printing companies is quality. Getting the colours 100% accurate is essential and past standards haven’t always delivered.

2. Saving paper and ink
Another thing you’ll likely be interested in is making savings – in both time & money. ISO 12647 printing standards ensure maximum paper efficiency and also help cut down on the amount of ink and paper used.

3. Keeping up with demand
Many print-buyers these days will not use a printer that doesn’t conform to ISO 12647. Many large brands will insist a printing company is ISO certified. The Mellow Colour solutions are a great way to ensure you are meeting the ISO 12647 requirements.

4. MellowCloud provides fast Internet based approval
When you’re using ISO 12647 with the MellowCloud service, it allows you to gain quick printing approval. Documents can be checked from anywhere in the world. This results in quicker turnaround times, which will obviously please your clients.

5. Meeting expectations
Your print buyers expect a high standard, which can be guaranteed with ISO 12647 compliance.

6. Match previous print runs exactly
If you find you need to make the same print run that you made a while ago, with Mellow Colour’s ‘ImpressionProof’ tool this becomes a simple task. It also enables you to match ISO standards quickly and easily.

7. Consistent results
It’s all well and good providing your clients with excellent one-off results. However, your goal is to ultimately print off consistently good quality runs. With ISO 12647 you can do that and ensure your customers are always happy.

8. Bigger profits
It would be foolish to disregard the profitable benefits that come with switching to ISO 12647 standards. Being able to consistently provide high quality, exact results will set you apart from the competition. Customers are more than happy to pay a little extra for top quality results.

9. Boost staff morale
Keeping your staff happy is a large part of running a business. After all, they are responsible for providing the services of your company. Having proper standards to work by that produce excellent results will really boost morale and productivity.

10. Reduce the need for reprints
By printing to ISO 12647 you’ll eliminate the need for re-prints, reducing waste & saving money.

Overall there are so many reasons you should invest in ISO standard printing – any possibly becoming ISO 12647 certified.

Companies such as Mellow Colour offer training and certification. Every six months you’ll meet up with a specialist who will provide additional training if needed, along with a review.       

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