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All the printing Companies in the Impression Proof Register have previously achieved Proficient Printer Certification and developed their quality management systems to a more advanced level in order to be ImpressionProof Certified.



P.O. Box 13 02 48, 45292 Essen, Germany

Contact: Matthias Haede
+49 (0) 201 59 29-0

Status: Active Colour QA System/Regular Reviews

In 1975 Germany had a lot of small, owner-run printing businesses. With the foundation of druckpartner there was just one more - which however was somewhat different: From the very first day on we wanted to perform above average - with full dedication, state-of-the-art technology and topmost quality in everything we do.

This concept has lead and still leads us to success. druckpartner have been growing steadily and solidly, and have substantially extended their range of services ever since. Employing more than 120 staff we are today a full-service provider serving renowned customers from industry and advertising. They all know that druckpartner always have the innovative technology to help them realize their products in a reliable, quick and cost-effective way.

There are no ImpressionProof certified printers in Germany

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